Lakeland Team Cattle Penning Association

2018 LTCPA Show Dates

May 12 & 13 – Cold Lake
Jun 16 & 17 – Vermillion
Jul 21 & 22 – The Benoit's (weather permitting)
Aug 11 & 12 – Vermillion
Sep 22 & 23 – Cold Lake

Entries, cancellations and substitutions and including day teams will only be accepted until the Deadline, of  Monday at 6:00 p.m. prior to each show. The only exception is a last minute medical sub. Team entries will be posted by 9 p.m. Wednesday thus allowing any corrections to be made by contestants before Thursday evening. Only faxed or emailed entries will be accepted, no phone entries. If you have checked the Season Entry for any teams they will automatically be entered for each show unless otherwise specified by the team prior to the entry deadline of any show.